It was a bandit bar built into a cave. Oh, and there may be some treasure within. Anyway, I must … Anyways, first room, 8 or something falmers all began attacking. 7 Blades - Kynesgrove Inn. When you discover the Retreat for the first time, you'll find that its bandit occupants are being overrun by Falmer. I know falmer slaves has npc in same location at Liar's Retreat, I think that npc attacked my player character,if so they'll probably attack female I added that is physical compromised. Skyrim CTD at Liar's Retreat - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: As Im currently trying to discover less than 10 places left that I havent been to in Skyrim, I encountered Liars Retreat and thought it would be fun to go in and fight off some enemies. Page Discussion Edit History. 5 Falmer - Frostflow Lighthouse inside Frostflow Abyss. The high elf (altmer) will be in halted stream camp. That's why I removed that mod again, but had to put it in my list, just in case it gets an update. Liar's Retreat is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Vol. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition; Liar's Retreat - Bandit Cave Bar; User Info: swishin41. Falmer have tunneled in and are attacking the last of the occupants when you arrive for the first time. More... What links here; Related changes; Special pages; Printable version; Permanent link; Page information; From Orcz. Vol. Liar's Retreat. 8 Dwemer - Dwemer Museum, Markarth. Vol. Can't load into Liar's Retreat I've already cleared Liar's retreat to get Elf blood for a previous quest and retrieved the Longhammer, but now I'm doing Companions and it sent me on a quest to get an "Orcish Hammer" from liars retreat. swishin41 10 months ago #1. Perhaps one of the most frustrating places you could go if you completely run out of things to do in the game is Liar's Retreat, one of the only dungeons that include no shortcut from the end of the dungeon to the beginning. Northwest of Broken Tower Redoubt is an old bandit bar and hideout that has an underground cellar. Vol. Go all the way through liar's retreat. Vol. Liar's Retreat is an underground cellar which is located northwest of Broken Tower Redoubt and northeast of Karthwasten.. Skyrim is a major video game but even some of the best players don't know every tip and trick. Vol. I'll never tell! No big deal, because Im at level 77, about to be at level 78. Liar's Retreat is both a location in The Reach and the name of an interesting quest that takes place in this underground hideout. Has anyone else visited Liar's Retreat? For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "holy crap @ Liar's retreat, are the falmer supposed to be this hard?! 3 Steel - Vilemyr Inn, Ivarsted. It is found to the Southwest of Solitude. If you go into the mine, straight across to the back exit, a dead high elf will be laying in the pit. ". The orc will be behind a locked door. Vol. Well, you're in luck. 4 Dragonbone - High Hrothgar. Stuck trying to find Liar's Retreat in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Your reward? ... 1 Liar's Retreat. 4 Liar's Retreat The Liar's Retreat quest is a little tricky to find unless the player accidentally stumbles upon it or actually has knowledge of its existence. Vol. All the blood types except a high elves will be there. Vol. The idea of a bar built into a cave is a very interesting/cozy concept to me. 9 Hide - Alvor's House, Riverwood. Same problem here, actually. Skyrim Liar's Retreat; Skyrim: Liar's Retreat. 2 Steel Plate - Liar's Retreat. Getting to Liar's Retreat, of course! Apparently, until very recently this used to be the site of a bandit bar run by a Breton named Rahd, who is known as 'Longhammer', due to a unique weapon he carries. Of course what happened to everyone there isn't very cozy. 6 Wolf - Jorrvaskar, Whiterun. Check out this video, which details how to get to the mystical location. I ended up raiding Liar's Retreat for the first time on the unnamed quest where you have to gather blood samples from all the species of elves (Liar's Retreat is the only location in Skyrim where 3 of the 4 species are in the same area).