This BBQ is a nice uptown restaurant. I had a great time and will be going back to this BBQs in the future for lunch or dinner with friends or family. Get Directions. Dallas BBQ in Brooklyn now delivers! ... Sticky Boneless Wings (5 Pc) Half Wings As Entree $14.99. Tasty. The trail is 0.6 Miles (1.0 Kilometers) Doubletrack in length with 1% Avg Grade (1°) and 3% Max Grade (2°). This time I ordered the pina colada drink with an extra shot, which was regular size. They looked more like hush puppies. Honey-basted. It comes with a shot of Henney on the tube that you can choose to drink as an actual shot, or add it to your drink if preferable.Since I'm a little chicken, I always add it to my drink. I'm annoyed because I've been writing about these wings and as far as I can tell, the 4 waiters in front of me are so distracted amongst themselves that it wouldn't surprise me if they busted out a game of twister. Chicken Soup . The waffles are supposedly savory and do appear to be filled with cheese spots and green onion, but it tasted more Belgian than anything else. Ordering from your favorite restaurant is even easier than eating. Menu, hours, photos, and more for Dallas BBQ located at 132 2nd Ave, New York, NY, 10003-8305, offering BBQ, American, Dinner, Salads, Hamburgers and Lunch Specials.; Pickup ASAP to Enter an address. Service is hospitable and they give out free cup cakes! I love the sweetness of them so much. Sticky Wings honey basted Half $8.99; Full $13.99; Henney Wings ... Dallas BBQ is the place where friends have been making themselves at home for over 15 years with the best barbeque in NYC! Grab some plates of them and some sides of fries and share with friends at the table. NAKED WINGS. Fat 57g. I think it's a special drink so it might not be around forever, but it's my favorite frozen drink that they have.Service:There was eight people altogether in my party and our waiter was very nice and calm dealing with all of us. Best wings in Dallas . Which kind of store-bought sauce would you like in the recipe? Famous Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and more. Fat 57g. Enjoy classics like Hennessy Jumbo Wings, BBQ Brisket, Angry Shrimp, and slowly smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs. Find food. They added some new menu items recently, like tex-mex burger and black bean burger. Don't live in nyc anymore and would like to make my own. Honey-basted. But the real draw is the Texas sized frozen margaritas and daquaries. $3.99. Dallas BBQ. $14.99 + Texas Crispy Wings. $13.99 + Carrots, Celery, and Blue Cheese. The Mac&Cheese needed to be a little more cheesy. 13 % 13g Carbs. Half Boneless Henny Wings. Having such a big dining space as well has aided Dallas in allowing people to come eat at their restaurant comfortably and safely. This was my first time at this place and I WILL definitely go back if for nothing more than an appetizer and drinks with the girls to catch up. These wings disappear as you take them off the BBQ. Daily Goals. Dallas BBQ Delivery in Brooklyn, NY. Chicken Soup. Hennessy Boneless Wings (10 Pc) Full Wings As Entree This is my go too, meaning I've always had a special place in my heart for Dallas BBQs, my usual is Sticky Wings (half) with Tempura (half) with extra Ranch ! Did'nt check on our table much, but they give these fabulous little soft cupcakes, one for each guest at the end of the meal. Sticky BBQ started in 2010 when the owner set his sights on a small space in Observatory, where he worked to create bigger and better dishes - including the famous rack of ribs today with a number of franchises and expanding Sticky BBQ is famous and loved by young and old alike . Use your Uber account to order delivery from Dallas BBQ - East Village in New York City. … I ate at their restaurants in Time Sq, Chelsea and the new one in elmhurst. I couldn't be happier with the drinks. Don't know why there were tomatoes on it and they forgot to sprinkle Parmesan cheese on top. Half Boneless Crispy Wings. 10 Pieces $21.99. As for me, I ordered a turkey burger and fries. Discover hot n sweet chicken. $13.99. Sigh, now I kind of want to bump them up to 3 stars but . The service in here has always been fast, helpful and catering to whatever needs you might have. Explora el menú, echa un vistazo a los artículos populares y haz un seguimiento de tu pedido. Dallas BBQ is one of my favorite "Piña Colada" places. My next visit, I'm going to try the Chicken and Waffles. Texas Boneless Wings (5 Pc) Half Wings As Entree. Order delivery online from Dallas BBQ in Jamaica instantly with Seamless! Sticky Wings at Dallas BBQ "Overall:Service was quick and polite! Dallas Bbq, 2 Wings. Order online and track your order live. Much of the staff is always on top of things and if you ever need anything their there to help you. After having gone to two different restaurants that would make us wait 30 minutes to see our party.In conclusion, come here. A full rack of our slowly smoked barbecued baby back ribs. Cholesterol 135g. He gave us two more cause I asked. Soy Sauce Worcestershire Sauce Hot Sauce Any Type of Sauce. AHHHHHHHH!!!! Serving Size : 2 Wings. There is no ambiance and the service is average in line with everything else. I'm from Cali and my tip is, order extra,  store in a ziplock and freeze. I've been to this Dallas BBQ at St. Marks few years back and got food poisoning when i get home. Nutritional Info . ... KOREAN BBQ. Simply fried wings, ready to be dipped in deliciousness. I ordered a sticky wings and was most surprised the "wing" is actually a fried thigh??? Forgot account? Not Now. The delivery guy coincidentally didn't bring change and I had to tip him 5 dollars. I even waved to them! Garden Salad. sigh, Love the boneless sticky wings and the Texas size drinks not to mention the prices are fairly cheap. Very good appetizer. :) They were tasty. Always sounds like a great idea until you receive your order.We ordered the sticky wings, a chicken Caesar (white meat) & Hennessy coladas. Breaded Crispy Wings sold in 5 pieces or 10 pieces. I'm not a big fan myself - even the salads seem to be giant bowls of iceberg lettuce and ranch. After cutting pork from my diet and limiting my red meat intake for health reasons, I knew I was confined to chicken or turkey in a BBQ joint. I have to find the recipe for that sauce. Fries are very good! The Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad was fresh. I haven’t been to Dallas BBQ in a long time. 108 people follow this. Calorie Goal 1,580 cal. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for dallas bbq and over 2,000,000 other foods at Usually, I order the sticky wings, which are glazed in a honey sauce, but I wanted to try something different. 0. NEVER AGA, An hour and a half later the delivery person brought everything to my old address - which isn't even used on my account at all. 10 / 67g left. 22 % 10g Fat. Good spot for lunch too, with a surprising amount of healthy options. WTF!! Calorie Goal 1,580 cal.… 0. Being cost effective for food and drink sets this apart from anywhere else. Online ordering available! Sticky and sweet. First, I love chicken wings. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Old Wetlands Road, Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center Trail and Hiking Information. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Overall:Service was quick and polite! Half Boneless Crispy Wings. My server was the best I've had in comparison to most fine dining restaurants, he really went above and beyond! Sadly, I can't tell you the name of my waiter but, he was so accommodating. Jan 23, 2018 - Great recipe for Dallas BBQ Hennessy Wings. Hennessey Wings : special cognac flavored sauce. This type of joint is very noisy at any point of the day but, if you sit out at the outside part like I did, you'd enjoy it better. See what Dallas BBQ has available today online and ready to order. View the menu from Dallas BBQ on 1265 3rd Ave in New York and order for delivery or takeout online or in the app. I haven't had a coattail there in some time, but it looks Good on others table and I don't hear complaining. I'm a cali girl and I've never had wings that sticky and sweet before. Famous BBQ Baby Back Ribs. The drinks were great. The ribs were OK. :( The sticky wings are bomb though, When you have a busy night, I can understand waiting a little for the waiter/waitress to come and ask us what we want to drink. available only from monday - friday, 11am-5pm . . We got there late so I already knew our server would be tacking on his gratuity onto our check automatically. / Unlabelled / Costco Garlic Chicken Wings : Best Crispy Baked Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings Easy Healthy Recipes / Place the wings in the "5 wings for $10?!" I still have the plant.). BBQ Chicken Sandwich Special : $6.99: ... Sticky Wings : honey basted . Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Find a location near you. We were seated right away on a Wednesday night. Bbq Chicken . Famous Margaritas, Pina Coladas, and more. Cup $5.99; Bowl $7.99; Chicken Soup. View Website. I had never been to this location before and it has quickly become my favorite. Laundry. I also had an order of the truffle Mac and cheese. $3.99. 241 W 42nd St New York, NY 10036 (212) 221-9000. Chili. Good spot for lunch too, with a surprising amount of healthy options. Love this place. From the fishbowl drinks to the sticky wings to a rack of ribs that will put you to sleep for the night, there's always something at Dallas BBQ for someone. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm curious about the black bean burger especially. Dallas BBQ is somewhere I know intimately for two reasons - one, it's one of two sit down restaurants across from the NYP Hospital - and two, my boyfriend always wants to go. Menu may not be up to date. Homemade Chicken Vegetable Soup. Homemade chicken vegetable soup. DISCLAIMER: Information shown may not reflect recent changes. Whether you ́re looking for a fun lunch spot or a good Korean restaurant for dinner complete with a beer and wine bar, this is the place you ́re looking for with an atmosphere to match the name – hot n sweet. Dallas Bbq Dallas Bbq - Sticky Wings. The Hennessey wings were also good but man, those sticky wings really opened up my eyes. Thank god im a Super picky eater who EYEBALLS EVERYTHING ..found a dead bug in my salad. Your Address. Granted, I've been here before and the service hasn't been too bad...not great but we at least got water within the first seven minutes.Long have I justified the slow service because their sticky wings are so darn good. It also comes with a shot and is $13 altogether. Although I enjoyed the henney wings I think I'm head over heels for the sticky wings this chain offers. Home Menu Reviews About Order now. it's a good restaurant to have lunch with a small group. It was good. 5 Pieces $14.99. CHIPOTLE BBQ. Food:I shared a plate of sticky wings and Hennessey wings with a couple of my friends. The drink itself is pretty damn stiff by itself. Submit corrections. Last updated Dec 24, 2020. While it is the cheap check that I receive at Dallas that keeps me returning, the service and how comfortable I feel at this place is such a refreshing feeling compared to other restaurants in the neighborhood. MENU. Every order earns points. $3.99. 0. Bustling local chain serving big plates of saucy meats & other classic fare plus jumbo margaritas. It was so freaking good! The food came out warm and delicious and the drinks were cool and sweet! I was feeling NICE in there and don't even get me started on when I stood up and walked out. First, those texas sized drinks were the bomb. My husband and I ordered way too much food. Chili. Chicken Vegetable Soup. We are now located at 561 First Street in Brentwood! I also ordered corn bread which is the best corn bread you could ever have. Well, if they come over in the next 5 minutes I'll bump it up to 3....Nope . Their cocktails are massive and you can get an extra shot served in a little test tube that rests in your cocktail for just a little more. Also, the half order is very large.… Dallas BBQ - Upper West Side Restaurants 27 West 72nd St. , New York NY 10020 | (212) 496-4000 | your own Pins on Pinterest Log in; 0 0. Discover (and save!) Honey–basted Sticky Wings . Taco Salad. 165 / 300g left. Garden Salad $3.99 Cole Slaw Homemade $1.99 a nyc favorite Taco Salad $6.99 shredded lettuce & chips, topped with chili, cheese, chopped tomatoes and sour cream Sesame Salmon Spinach Salad $9.99 Caesar Salad topped with croutons and cheese $5.99; Chicken $2.99; Steak $3.99; Shrimp $3.99; … I had a taste of both my friends' plates and one had sticky wings the other hot- amazing. Place the chicken wings in a large, resealable plastic … Order online from Dallas BBQ on MenuPages. I cannot keep wasting my money on this restaurant! BUY GIFT CARDS . 5 Pieces 10 Pieces. 65 % 65g Protein. My friend ordered the sticky wings and overstuffed himself because they were so delicious. 420 Cal. 5 Pieces $14.99. Order online from Dallas BBQ on MenuPages. Ingredients would be very helpful! All of the Gay's hang out there and it's always a good time. Update 2/22/18So I know i said I was going to have Chicken and Waffles my next visit to NYC BBQ's, but I did not. 4.7. Garlic-y, ginger-y, sweet & savory. I couldn’t taste the alcohol, but maybe because I was getting drunk on the Texas sized drink. $12.99. Casual, affordable, and super fun. Cuisine. Oh how I wish the waiter would come over to take my order right now. 5 pieces $ 12.99 $ 19.99 ... DALLAS BBQ. Gifts. Honey-basted. Dallas BBQ’s Henney Wings and Texas Size Bulldog. ORDER TAKEOUT. Breaded Crispy Wings sold in 5 pieces or 10 pieces. Use your Uber account to order delivery from Dallas BBQ - Bronx in New York City. Also they use dark meat and not chicken breast. Sticky BBQ Chicken Wings. So roll up your sleeves and dig in - you’re at Dallas BBQ. But when there are 4-5 of them standing right in front of me tickling each other, starting at the tv, or staring at each other, what else do I have to do but to pull out my phone and start writing a review. As a GEORGIA gal to the core I can actually say I thoroughly enjoyed this place but I have several disclaimers and suggestions. I haven't been able to get there in quite a while, I was busy recovering from this neck surgery thing. I would have to agree with that and reviews. I had never been to this location before and it has… Eh..It's Dallas BBQ. Add us on YouNow so you can video chat live with us every weekend!! 5 Pieces 10 Pieces. View Website. Order delivery online from Dallas BBQ in Jamaica instantly with Seamless! I got my berry deliciousness with a shot of ciroq and barefoot moscato.It was so good! I sadly forgot his name!However, I ordered the chicken fingers which were moist, quite delicious and perfect. View menu and reviews for Dallas BBQ in New York, plus popular items & reviews. It's better. Don't go mixing crazy flavors though! Menu, hours, photos, and more for Dallas BBQ located at 180 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY, 11201-5861, offering BBQ, Grill, American, Dinner, Sandwiches, Hamburgers and Lunch Specials. 2,812 suggested recipes. BBQ Chicken Sandwich Special : $6.99: rotisserie chicken with smokey bbq sauce. Top dishes. Cup Bowl. We had to ask for a side plate, napkins, water...everything, but he was accommodating.Customary generic mini cupcakes were brought out at the end with our check.Decent. last time I ordered wings I was told they won't serve the wing sauce on the side. Do not go with expectations of fine food, although we (party of 5) enjoyed everything we ate. The honey sticky wings are a guilty pleasure. 420 / 2,000 cal left. If this is comfort food for you, you do you - but for us just on the ride with friends or family, best to just grub and bear it. 5 pieces $ 12.99 $ 12.99 HENNESSY WINGS. Not a super high-quality food experience so don't set the bar of your pallet very high. 1LB = 6 wings or 6 tenders. Something is up with that restaurant.One star is for the good food. $14.99 + Chicken and Baby Back Ribs. I always read the reviews to make sure the restaurant is still above water. 104 people like this. I did take out and I only waited about 15 minutes for the food. As a resident of the city of Dallas I'm not exactly sure what I expected. I order lunch from here sometimes. Delivery or takeout! Preorder to. More. NYC's favorite for Chicken & Ribs, BBQ, burgers, wings and over-the-top frozen cocktails. 346 ratings. 5 Pieces 10 Pieces. 10 Pieces $21.99. or. Check out the Dallas BBQ menu. All tasted like a grocery freezer meal. I went here with my best friend who is a local to Washington Heights and he advised me to get the sticky wings. I mean the wings are so gigantic and steroid injected, you really only need a half plate to get full. STICKY WINGS. Consider ordering from Dallas BBQ then, because Queens locals love it. Sign Up. By the way the burgers and Hennessy wings are off the chain. 5 stars for Dallas BBQ mainly for their drinks and their sticky wings. Delivery or takeout! (At least they did when I was there.) Every time I come to NYC I make sure I stop by one of the BBQ spots to grab a drink and sticky wings. They were made to order and delish. We didn't realize how large the sticky wings were and we had ordered 10. Very easy to make with store-cupboard ingredients. When the waitress came by to get our orders I knew exactly what to get. From the pineapple crush to pina colada, the bar at Dallas BBQ keeps busy all night making fruity beverages that keep patrons very happy. 3,906 check-ins. Log In. Hennessy Boneless Wings (10 Pc) Full Wings … Sweet, sour & spicy, take-out style.